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SCEGCMechanical and electrical installation

Shaanxi construction and installation group co.,LTD.,founded in 1955,is one of the top ten Chinese electromechanical installation enterprises,one of the founding units of the China installation association and one of the vice President units,and the general contractor of electromechanical installation and construction.Relying on technological advantages and scientific management,the company has undertaken or participated in the construction of electromechanical installation projects of national defense scientific research,aerospace,electronics,petroleum,chemical industry,medicine,light textile,metallurgy,building materials,nuclear energy,long-distance transportation pipelines,advanced civil buildings and other construction projects,covering the whole country and abroad.Shaanxi gas command center building,Shanghai jinmao tower,xi'an xianyang international airport,famen temple folded stupas,days macro polysilicon,hubei crystal star polysilicon,mizar chemical industry in guizhou,yanzhou methanol,shaanxi jingbian-yanshuiguang pipeline star source of natural gas liquefaction,xinjiang LNG cryogenic tank,nuclear reactors in Algeria,equatorial guinea sewage plant equipment installation project.



SCEGCPetroleum chemical industry

Shaanxi construction and installation group co.,LTD.Has the first-class qualification of general contracting of chemical and petroleum engineering construction and professional contracting of pipeline installation engineering of chemical and petroleum equipment.The construction content covers petrochemical industry,polycrystalline silicon and photovoltaic,coal and chemical industry,synthetic materials,natural gas liquefaction,transmission and distribution,and long-distance transportation pipeline and other industries.Construction or cooperated-builing yenan refinery,day macro polysilicon,shield Ann photovoltaic,tierra del fuego,yun ammonia synthetic ammonia,jintai chlor-alkali and a batch of influence such as star source regulating liquefied storage,high technical content of the project,and get a"chemical industry quality award","China installation engineering quality award","national silver medal of quality engineering"and other national category.Depending on the experience,performance and resources accumulated over the years in the field of petrochemical industry,the company will continue to promote refined management and technological innovation,keep an eye on the industry dynamics,and grasp the macro-economic situation at home and abroad and the development trend of the construction industry market.



SCEGCMunicipal utilities

The group has the special qualification of general contracting of municipal public works.The construction of municipal works involves urban roads,Bridges,tunnels and public squares.Urban water supply engineering,drainage engineering,sewage treatment;Urban gas and heat;City life garbage disposal and other fields,the construction,such as the first sewage treatment plant of chengdu,xi'an fourth,six or ten sewage treatment plant sewage treatment plant,equatorial guinea and Ghana KaiPeng water supply expansion project,the domestic waste treatment plant,the sichuan wolong nature reserve,garbage disposal and transfer system reconstruction project,making xinghai lake bridge,such as a large number of high content of science and technology in engineering at home and abroad.The municipal public utility industry is a comprehensive and leading basic industry for the national economy and social development,which is directly related to the public interest of the society,the quality of life of the people,and the sustainable development of urban and rural economy and society.



Housing construction

The housing construction sector is one of the businesses that the group company develops rapidly along with the reform and opening up,in order to widen the construction field and lengthen the industrial chain.From the initial equipment foundation,equipment room,household buildings and other small civil construction projects,it has developed into a large-scale enterprise with the general contracting level qualification of housing construction.There are 92 constructors in the group,including 46 first-level constructors and 46 second-level constructors.In order to strengthen the construction of professional construction system of housing construction,on the basis of continuing to give full play to the building construction business of various comprehensive construction units,the group has successively established construction companies and construction companies for professional construction.At present,the construction area mainly includes shaanxi,sichuan,chongqing,ningxia,gansu,qinghai,xinjiang,jiangxi,Inner Mongolia,etc.,and it undertakes or participates in the construction of the residential building product production base of xi'an mingyuan community and the provincial party committee.

The group adheres to the corporate philosophy of "building for the good", adheres to the core values of "people-oriented innovation, responsibility, cooperation and win-win", implements the development strategy of "investment, construction ...



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